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Welcome to Golden Apples Nursery, Haverhill

Haverhill is the Golden Apples Nurseries Family HQ!

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A stunning high-tech sensory learning environment that embraces revolutionary immersive virtual reality experience. The Nursery is harnessing the power of digital technology to provide an incredible environment delivering an excellent sensory learning experience and digitally rich Early Years curriculum to the children.

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Opening Hours

Monday to Friday

07:00 - 19:00

Innovative Technology

As well as offering high-quality childcare the nursery features innovative technology that gives children access to more than 600 interactive apps via giant overhead projectors either to the walls or the floor their choice.

The children can play football, go fishing and visit the zoo, all in 4K high resolution – the images projected onto surfaces then become a ‘live experience’ via touch or movement.


Our innovative approach to education is delivered via real-life themes in a safe environment, set up in small houses where all children and staff are the community.


All the rooms have a theme, such as village scenes that evolve based on children’s needs or interests – which could be a  village restaurant, a butcher’s shop, hair saloons or markets stalls etc.


Sparking Curiosity

Children are inspired as they develop and understand these real-life working environments as we make learning not only playful but impactful, sparking curiosity and creating interactivity in understanding the world and the people who help us.”


The walls are wrapped up in 3D images rather that reflect the local landscape and other ideas to reflect places the children love to visit.


All children have daily access to the all weather beautiful gardens where they can play being at the beach or cook up a surprise in the mud kitchen.

Discovery Lounge

A highly engaging educational space embracing immersive and interactive technology to offer Early Years learning through playful age-appropriate virtual reality content. The interactive, educational technology gets children motivated to learn whilst they play.  

In this lounge we combine technology and standard teaching methods to prepare the children for big school.

After school club

Our after school club is called Champions. Ask for more info!

FREE Taster Session

It is very important that as our prospective parent, you are able to make an informed decision before selecting the right setting for your child.

Why Golden Apples?

Here at Golden Apples we are committed to creating a friendly and secure environment for every child to thrive and achieve the best possible outcome. Our nursery family is all about happy children, where a range of learning experiences provided mean that children are engaged, enthusiastic, imaginative and curious to find out more, as they develop a love of learning and exploring.

  • Light, spacious, airy rooms 

  • Fantastic all year round garden for children to enjoy outside play in all weathers, ranging from being at the beach to  cooking in the mud kitchen

  • Warm, friendly atmosphere ensuring you and your child feel at ease

  • Multi-sensory rooms focusing on sound, sight and touch

  • Specific, age-related activities suitable for babies to school children

  • Highly qualified nursery practitioners

  • Healthy Eating Programme

  • Home cooked food prepared onsite daily with fresh ingredients

  • 9am – 3pm ‘school time’ care available

taster session

Claim your free taster session

It is very important that as our prospective parent, you are able to make an informed decision before selecting the right setting for your child.

A setting that  that consistently delivers quality care in a friendly, stimulating environment. 

To help you assess whether our setting is right for your child, we invite to come for a show round , followed by a free trial session for a time that is mutually convenient for you and your child to spend a few hours with us to see how we do things. 

Your no obligation taster session is around 2-3 hours, depending on your child’s age.

Please note that our Nurseries would be unable to book sessions during our busy lunchtimes (between 12pm and 2pm).

To claim your free taster session, please download, fill out, and return this form.

Golden Apples Nursery

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All our nursery environments are safe, with plenty of opportunities to learn and play. Our experienced and dedicated staff ensure that the children continue their development journey with enthusiasm and love of learning.

Our nursery environments are beautifully presented and offer a homely and personal environment when children are encouraged to thrive.

When your child joins us, our teams are committed to giving all of the care and interaction they need to ensure everything runs smoothly. 

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