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Our Rooms

Cameo 0-2

Little seedlings that have potential to grow into a majestic tree.

Our youngest children are cared for in a spacious room with its own safe, enclosed garden area, allowing them to explore their environment and is a great place for picnics when the weather allows. Our babies have lots of one to one care with their key-person and all equipment is age and stage appropriate.

Zari 2-3

To create golden opportunities and thrive within their unique talents and achievements. 


The Zari room is for children aged 2-3 years and is always a hive of fun and games. Our staff ensure that curriculum planning remains geared towards the children’s interests. There is always something going on in Butterflies, a bug hunt in the garden, digging for buried treasure, dressing up as a princess or playing in the role play area.

Kanzi 3-5

Hidden treasures that with excellent nurturing will reveal hidden potential.


Our preschool curriculum aims to ensure that children have a head start for when they go to school. Mark making and early literacy skills as well as mathematical and numeracy skills are key. We work to encourage children’s independence as well as their understanding about the world around them.

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